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Para"legal" Advice:

(Not legal advice, unless specified!)

Getting a divorce is easier than you may think!

You can get a divorce from your spouse without ever having to go to court, or having your spouse sign any documents in the State of Washington.

The State of Washington is a “no fault” divorce state. In other words, you don’t have to show fault of the other party in order to get a divorce or try to get a higher percentage of the property or children – no one is at fault. In a “no fault’ divorce everything is split 50/50, no matter who is at fault. In addition, the State of Washington is a community property state, meaning that everything that is owned by the husband is also owned by the wife 50/50. Only in cases of severe deception ò either party, or neglect of the children will the court not divide everything 50/50. However, either party can decide not to take their full half of property or access to the children and give it to the other party. In summary, the court is always going to grant a divorce if one of the parties doesn’t want to stay in the marriage. The only questions for the court to decide are questions regarding the division of: 1. Assets. 2. Liabilities. 3. Children (custody, visitation, child support). All these things can be agreed upon by the parties and submitted to the court, who will gladly sign the Final Decree.

If husband and wife agree: If both parties agree to a divorce its simple!

If one or both parties don’t agree: Each party will likely have to hire an attorney. An attorney will most likely charge upwards of $3,000.00 to take a divorce case.

If one of the parties (husband or wife) is not available or cannot be located, you can still get a divorce by publication.

Total court fees: Under $400.00

Paralegal fees: Around $300.00 (no children), $500.00 (with children)

Publication (only if required): $200.00

No court appearance required if agreed.



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